The Author of this web series would like to preemptively apologize for any offence taken by any people, corporations, or other entities who may be offended by the at times graphic subjects within. These series in no way represent the views of the author, though certain aspects may significantly offend certain religions, or other groups due to certain entities depictions being modified to function within the same setting as other similar beings. All representations of mythological, religious, extra-dimensional, or other entities and figures are fictitious and referenced as close to the earliest-known depiction of said entity the author can both find, and understand.

The reason most if not all of the main characters I write are female is because I simply am terrible at writing male protagonists, so for now will be sticking to what I can write. Please feel free to comment on my writing if something is wrong, misspelled, forced, or you just have a suggestion. I will try to respond to what comments I can and fix my mistakes. Should I not use your suggestion that does not necessarily mean I missed it or am ignoring you personally so please do not spam the comments section. I will take into account anything that I feel is relevant or interesting however I may simply feel it flows better the way it is, or have similarly decided not to implement the suggestion.

Lastly may The Autumn Library forgive us, this is Fiction. In the unlikely event those who are violently offended by works of fiction written by a person for the love of writing manage to acquire anything sharper than a crayon, please provide proper postage for death threats. While I do not doubt the ability of such people to locate me for mailing despite the dimensional gap -The US postal service is surprisingly persistent- please have the courtesy not to make me pay out of pocket for the honor of receiving your threat. Thank you, and please enjoy.


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