Publication schedule

My writing publications may at times seem like they have a rather odd publication schedule- this is because they do.

The reason for this is writer’s block, bane of my existence Scourge of new tellers of tales such as myself. To combat this I will be writing anywhere from one to three stories at a given time. I will publish one chapter on a single one of the stories currently in production for each given publication date at minimum though they may appear slightly before, or after the publication date.

I would like to apologize for the resulting sporadic nature of my publications (in the unlikely event anyone reads this)- but this is the best method I have found for avoiding thinking about a given project long enough to have a refreshed viewpoint on the subject next time I look at it.

Current publication schedule is to publish on the first, and last Saturday of each month, and if possible the Saturdays in between.

Status: Screw everything I need to find a way out of my literary rut, I will be back posting as soon as I figure out the current problem.